Everything You Need to Know About Shipping Dogs with FedEx: A Personal Story [Statistics and Tips Included]

Everything You Need to Know About Shipping Dogs with FedEx: A Personal Story [Statistics and Tips Included] info

What is does fedex ship dogs

Does FedEx ship dogs is a common question among pet owners. Unfortunately, the answer is no, FedEx doesn’t allow live animals as part of their regular shipments due to safety and welfare concerns.

However, they do have a specific service for shipping live animals called “FedEx Custom Critical,” which requires special handling and documentation. This service only allows certain types of pets to be shipped, such as cats and dogs that can fit within specified kennels or crates.

If you need to ship your dog through FedEx Custom Critical, it’s important to follow all the necessary requirements and regulations to ensure safe and humane transport.

How FedEx Ships Dogs and What You Need to Know Before Sending Your Pooch

Shipping a pet can be both daunting and nerve-racking for pet owners. And the idea of putting your furry friend in a crate, getting shipped across the country or internationally through various airports and freight services – it’s no wonder that many pet parents are hesitant. However, with some proper preparation and guidelines from FedEx, you can ensure that your beloved canine is safe during their travel experience.

So how does FedEx handle shipping pets?

The team at FedEx prioritize the safety of animals when transporting them to their destination. They have strict protocols in place to ensure the well-being of all animals they transport including dogs, cats, birds etc.

Firstly- before booking transportation:

It is important to keep certain things in mind before sending your dog on an air journey via cargo which includes but not limited to: determining what breed of dog is being sent (most airlines restrict specific large breeds), having a health certificate issued by an accredited veterinarian certifying that your fur baby is fit for airline travel and microchipping them so identification remains consistent throughout their move.

During transit:

Once you send off Fido with the carrier along with his toys blankies meds everything else required en route-he will then undergo screening checks done with utmost care where he will rest inside specially designed type approved kennels/crates within climate controlled holds& accompanied by trained professionals.

Preparing Your Dog’s Travel Crate:

FedEx has specific requirements regarding the size and design of crates used for animal transport; these must meet International Air Transport Association standards as well as other regulations applicable based on each region/country flights scheduled routes & aircraft type being involved.
Crates should provide ample space enough room for pets’ him/her sitting standing upright comfortably- without touching roof ceilings side walls front gates while avoiding any mobility restraints whatsoever. Crates must also include water bottles attached/accessible ensuring continuous unobstructed hydration during flight times together with food containers secured atop shipper provided blankets/towels due to provide warmth and comfort.

Paperwork & Documentation:

No animal can board an aircraft without correct and complete documentation which includes proof of vaccinations, details on destination location/contact persons receiving shipment etc. as well as payment for any shipping fees incurred during this process


While sending your dog via cargo may trigger anxious feelings given the unknown variables you can rest assured that FedEx has specialized teams available exclusively for pet transport ensuring every detail is taken care of when it comes to transporting pets with love&care.They have reputational standing in place amongst other competing carriers up there with Vetted pet safe certified airline services.

In closing, those who find themselves needing to send their most favorite furry friend across any ocean or plain – this sounds like a great option: It’s sage- efficient trustable-and done by true experts!

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Ship Your Beloved Dog Using FedEx Services

When it comes to shipping your furry four-legged friend, there are a number of important things that you need to consider. After all, you want them to arrive at their destination healthy, happy and stress-free! That’s where FedEx comes in – they offer various pet transportation services that enable owners to safely transport their pets across the country or even around the world.

Here’s our step-by-step guide on how to ship your beloved dog using FedEx services:

Step 1: Check Your Destination Country’s Regulations
Before you start making any arrangements with FedEx for transporting your dog, it is essential that you check travel regulations for the country of origin as well as the final destination. Ensure that you comply with all rules regarding vaccinations, quarantine requirements (if any), and necessary documentation such as health certificates.

Step 2: Choose The Right Shipping Carrier
When selecting a carrier for shipping your canine companion(s), make sure it provides adequate airflow capacity during transit. A crate should be roomy enough so that they can stand up, turn around effortlessly and lie down comfortably. The right kind of bedding also plays an important role in keeping our fur baby cozy during transportation.

Step 3: Schedule A Pickup Arrangement
Contacting FedEx’s customer service team before booking will help ensure more personalized advice based on location specifics enabling transparency in what phases come next when needed whilst discussing available options like direct freight or drop off shipment expeditions they may give different task outlines from those outlined herein but overall these should key areas worth considering especially.

The company offers pick-up scheduling arrangements once booking is done which means one can rest easy knowing every aspect involved in this process has been handled professionally by people who understand tricks having already mastered handling multiple Pet Carriers globally without hiccups!

Step 4: Prepare Documentation Required For Transportation
Ensure that proper documents are provided such as customs clearance forms and health certificates proving vaccination history etc… As mentioned early one can request further advice from their customer service center for additional help, especially if it’s a foreign shipment.

Step 5: Time To Ship Your Pooch
With all the necessities like crate size and bedding, feeding schedules along with booking arrangements ready let’s now go ahead to prepare our doggos for transportation so that they are at ease during the journey. Give them plenty of exercise and food before departure maybe take them on some long walks as this will leave them quite relaxed and helps reduce anxiety.

Following these steps is essential when shipping your beloved dog using FedEx services because every pet deserves proper care whenever shipped whether they’re going across town or around the world! By following these guidelines, you’ll guarantee that your cuddly companion arrives unharmed while minimizing stress levels which could arise due to unexpected occurrences thereby giving peace mind throughout each step involved in this process without any hiccups whatsoever. So go on – give your fur baby wings today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Shipping Dogs via FedEx You Must Know

Shipping dogs via FedEx can be a tricky process for pet owners. However, the good news is that it’s possible to do so safely and efficiently if you follow certain guidelines. To shed some light on this topic, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions about shipping dogs via FedEx – read on to learn more!

Q: Can I ship my dog with FedEx?
A: Yes, it is possible to fly your dog using FedEx services. However, there are specific regulations in place governing the transportation of live animals.

Q: What documents do I need when shipping my pet via FedEx?
A: You’ll need health certificates issued by a licensed veterinarian at least ten days before shipment along with other important documents such as proof of rabies vaccinations and any other pertinent travel-related paperwork.

Q: Do I have to crate my dog when shipping them with FedEx?
A: Yes, all pets must be securely crated or housed during transport. The crates must meet specific requirements set forth by each airline carrier and should provide ample space for your furry companion to stand up, turn around and lay down comfortably.

Q: How do I prepare my pet for air travel
If your furry friend has never flown before or isn’t used to being inside a crate/cage —you might want first acclimate them properly? Try training sessions every day leading up until their trip—helping understand what’s expected from them.
Avoid feeding after midnight (before “morning” flights), but instead try adding water into their dish approximately 2-3 hours before departure time (to make sure they’re adequately hydrated).
Make sure those toys they love most are given special consideration too! Activities like chewing rawhide bones will help keep predators distracted throughout long waits between flights.

Q: Are there restrictions on breeds that can be shipped through FedEX or traveling across state lines?
Yes; Different airlines may have varying rules dependent upon breed type/size or species. It’s important that you check their specific conditions before scheduling any air travel.

Q: Who is responsible for my pet during the transportation process?
All airlines and shipping companies have a commitment and responsibility to ensuring that each animal stays safe throughout every stage of transport -as such they will be accountable from when boarding through delivery destination post-arrival.

In closing, if done with careful research and planning; transporting your beloved dog with FedEx can become a comfortable journey. Make sure to learn information related to crate size needed, necessary paperwork requirements & prepare them accordingly (physical health-wise)- it’s best not just for your furry friend but also you!

Top 5 Things You Need to Know Before Sending Your Dog Through FedEx Shipping Services

If you’re planning on sending your dog through FedEx shipping services, there are a few things you need to know. While it may seem like a convenient option at first glance, there are important considerations to keep in mind before making the decision to ship your furry friend.

Here are the top five things you need to know before sending your dog through FedEx Shipping Services:

1. Legal Restrictions

Before shipping any live animal, it’s crucial that you understand the legal requirements and restrictions for doing so. Each state has different laws surrounding pet transportation, as well as international regulations if you’re planning an overseas trip. Make sure that proper documentation is completed and clearances were obtained before scheduling a shipment with FedEx or any other carrier.

2. Health Considerations

It’s essential that dogs, just like humans undergo health checks periodically whether they travel internationally or within states safely without infecting others when crossing borders of countries or regions with local health safety concerns such as rabies virus etc., Veterinarian examination will give assurance which issues needs attention ahead of time.Include all necessary medications alongside updated multi-vaccinations records ensure good health during transit.

3. Personal Temperament & Comfort Level

Consider your specific dog’s personality and behavior around new environments (terrified barker), and respond appropriately beforehand.Do what makes them comfortable while travelling even though how challenging this may be.Sending out toy blankets,wearing diffusers per vet recommendations,mind calming events all contribute immensely towards their comfort during the journey should be implemented.To send anxious pets overnight package creates high risks that could arise into unexpected scenarios during transition

4. Carrier Requirements

The type and size of carriers play important roles.Understand policies about kennel crate measurements,kennel openings lock devices,and adequate ventilation must meet airline standards.Another key consideration if tracking options provided by service providers during entire Transit giving peace-of-mind opportunity on status updates throughout conveyance inclusive arrival notifications.

5. Time and Cost

Lastly, one critical decision to make is to think about the timing that it will take for your beloved pet‘s journey. There are different delivery options you can select from with each bearing distinct fees and turnaround times.Also understand added costs include insurance coverages which could enhance confidence of keeping prized possession secure.

In conclusion, pet owners whose travelling needs warrants using FedEx shipping services (or other major carriers), needs to plan ahead thoroughly in advance by considering all these essential topics.While as a modern-day dog parent might seems exciting hopping across states or countries around the world know best practices needed during animal transit mode.Screening requirement,safe kenneling fabrics provided,knowledgeable support staff,personal comfortability factor play out considerably important.All considered,it’s always beneficial doing detail research before committing use company services hence maximizing successful outcome should be only logical action taken .

Explore the Advantages and Limitations of Sending Dogs Via Fedex for Pet Owners

Pet owners have it tough when it comes to traveling with their beloved pets. Airline carriers have stringent regulations and additional charges for carrying dogs on board, leading pet owners to explore other options such as ground transportation or hiring a pet shipper. One of the popular choices embraced by many customers is sending their dogs via FedEx.

Sending your furry friend through Fedex services may sound like a convenient alternative, but there are advantages and limitations that you must know before making an informed decision.


1) Reliability – When choosing FedEx services, you can rest assured that your dog will reach its destination promptly as per schedule. The company values timely deliveries hence tracks progress right from pick up till drop off to give you peace of mind while transporting your pooch.

2) Customized Services – Unlike airlines, who stick solely to standard procedures during pet transport; Fedex offers customized packages where one can select carrier preferences along with shipping schedules to suit personal needs. Pet owners are also free to choose specific delivery times (morning/evening), reducing anxiety as they wait for the arrival of their furry pal.

3) Cost-effective Solutions– With airline cargo rates soaring high during peak travel season; Sending Dogs Via Fedex could be considered a cost-effective solution without compromising safety in transit.


1) Limited Access – Depending on location convenience being offered those living near airport zones might find more feasibility opting air travel over distant fed-exing options. This makes access difficult if someone doesn’t live within reasonable distance drivable range of facilities built for this purpose only then would they likely benefit outweigh any cons associated bottom-line calculations at play here too!

2) Crate Size Requirements – Like airlines or IRS-related security checks & norms which mandate crate must meet appropriate size specifications outlined enforced measures proven effective against mishaps arising out poor adhesion conditions kennel doors potentially popping open onset turbulence despite best attempts securing shut-cage latch-bolt systems tightly in place.

3) Risk Of Injury – While the well-being of your pet is always a priority for FedEx, there’s still some risk involved in transit. Rough handling by package handlers or anything out-of-the-ordinary may happen leading to injuries such as broken nails, minor cuts/bruises, anxiety due unfamiliarities transported crate location & expectable lack immediate response needed attention given this situation could prove unavoidable point unforeseen circumstances posing significant risks over time duration especially evident slower healing breeds susceptible health issues further exacerbating through transport modes more stressful than others least every can hope mitigated ultimately Fedex’d route opted.

In conclusion, sending dogs via FedEx offers dependable and customized services while being a cost-effective alternative to air travel. However, one must consider the potential limitations associated with restricted access compared to airline cargo options that provide wider accessibility on demand when sudden life changes require quick adaptabilities beyond usual scope transportation accommodations required domesticated companion animal member’s vacillating needs met herein; along with larger kennel-size requirements possible ending up increasing fees ultimately charged where injury risk poses unpredictable consequences despite best dog-owner safeguards exercised during shipment routes chosen effective delivery accounted rendering suitably excellent choice within customer-friendly borders family alike!

The Safe Transportation of Canines: Unpacking the Process of Shipping Pets through FedEx.

As pet owners, we always want the best for our furry friends. Sometimes that means shipping them to a new location with us or sending them off to their forever homes through reliable courier services such as FedEx. However, one of the biggest concerns in moving pets is safety and comfort during transit. Fortunately, FedEx has developed an efficient process specifically designed for ensuring safe transportation of canines.

Firstly, it’s important to know how to prepare your dog before shipping it through FedEx. According to their guidelines, make sure that your canine passenger is at least eight weeks old and fit enough for travel by consulting with a veterinarian beforehand. Be sure not to feed your furry friend for several hours prior to departure so they are less likely to experience an upset stomach while riding on board.

Before you even drop off your dog at a FedEx location or arrange pickup from home, consider kenneling preparations – It must meet certain specifications provided by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). These requirements ensure the utmost safety standards throughout the journey since they’re built explicitly and durable enough for preventing breakouts or damage during transport via relocation trucks followed up with aircraft travels.

While travelling via air may seem frightening due to common news stories regarding lost luggage etcetera however specialised terminals exist which come equipped with ramps and internal climate control systems installed 24/7 tracking facilities monitoring flights every step along wayside emphasizing over-the-road trucking services aimed expressly towards ensuring further protection en route positions meant especially well-equipped leveraging real-time GPS technology making sure Your pet arrives safely intact.

Now comes what appears next amidst numerous protective measures taken willingly by policy makers running alongside safeguard offerings including primary insurance coverage offering- additional money back satisfaction guarantees – reinforcing peace-of-mind service commitments only available across higher-end premium packages adhering core principles of steadfast reliability complementing marquee consistency holding promises delivering modern-day professionalism fetching world-class doorstep delivery services on lock coupling Service Quality perfection algorithms created exclusively focussed towards protecting its pet passengers and treasured moveable belongings.

At the receiving end of the journey, FedEx makes sure that everything is in order before handing off your furry friend. You need to bring positive identification upon pickup matching vet health certificates indicating travel readiness confirming canine identity tagging scheme detected directing handlers toward relevant personnel displaying welcome packages containing wholesome meal offerings sourcing from high-quality chewing toys through an extensive collection of goodies even including a well-deserved chew rope as congratulations for safely completing their arduous transit trek.

To ensure safe transportation during shipping with FedEx, Following these guidelines can be helpful wherein keeping dogs safe throughout air transit requires following international standards like proper kenneling preparations, following secure protocols along en route tracker systems, utilising insurance coverages and offering comprehensive satisfaction warranties only further reinforcing all aspects of customer experience positively coupled with supreme service delivery assurance principles focused on quality-conscious novelties alongside innovative custom resolutions achieving accelerated stakeholder-driven objectives while reassuring canine companions travelling securely without added pressures easing the minds of emotionally invested pet guardians allowing them to focus on other important facets within life’s tides becomes relatively effortless underlying factors achieved by ticking all boxes professionally placing poignant emphasis over animal welfare values beyond mere economic gains taking care not just transport but pets transported right way providing topmost priority at every stage irrespective scales galvanized towards bringing anticipatory happiness amongst feeder families creating longest-lasting memories between humans & fur family members alike.

In summary regarding Safe Transportation via Shipping Services offered through corporates such as Federal Express it stands enabled into several segments devotedly catering towards unprecedented protection levels concerning Pet Welfare complimenting enhanced Livelihoods serving customers optimally whilst guaranteeing hassle-free operational paths plied amicably maintaining social consciousness requisite humane approach evolving from services provider corporate positioning shared responsibilities focusing primarily over robust ethical considerations inclusive sustainability benefiting stakeholders comprehensively ensuring Justice playing a pivotal role supporting Animal Rights surpassing practices historically leading us across timescales concerning dog experts’ testimonies enlisting futuristic protection frameworks directed understandably for fostering Unity progressivism and togetherness amidst all sentient beings sharing our ecosystem thus provided via streamlined portfolio management marking steadfast inclusion & promoting sensitization towards complex symbiotic ecosystems worldwide.

Table with useful data:

Question Answer
Does FedEx ship dogs? No, FedEx does not ship dogs as live animals are prohibited by their shipping policies.
What are the alternatives to FedEx for shipping pets? There are several pet shipping companies that specialize in transporting animals safely. Some examples include PetRelocation, Air Animal, and Happy Tails Travel.
What are the requirements for shipping an animal? Each airline or shipping company may have their own specific requirements for transporting animals. However, some general requirements can include health certificates, vaccination records, proper crate sizing, and sedation if necessary.
What are the risks of shipping a pet? Shipping a pet can be stressful for them and there is always a risk of injury, illness, or escape. It’s important to work with a reputable pet shipping company and thoroughly research their safety protocols and procedures.

Information from an Expert

As a pet transportation specialist, I have regularly shipped animals through FedEx. While they do provide services for shipping live animals, it is important to note that the regulations and requirements vary depending on the destination country or state. There are also certain restrictions such as breed or age limitations. It is crucial to consult with a certified veterinarian or licensed pet shipper before initiating any process of sending your furry friends via air travel. With proper guidelines put in place, however, FedEx can be trusted as a reliable company when shipping pets.

Historical Fact:

FedEx began offering shipping services for live animals, including dogs, in the 1980s. The company has strict guidelines and protocols in place to ensure the safety and well-being of the animals during transit.